Some age restrictions may apply to certain encounters. Please inquire which activities are allowed for children age six and under upon booking your reservation.

Sloth Encounter

Hang with the Sloths!
Feel time slow and embrace the majestic sloth.

An Intimate & Breathtaking Encounter with The Jungle Island Sloths.

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VIP Tours

Get the VIP treatment!
Go wild when you visit some of the most charismatic creatures!

Enjoy a private tour that brings you closer to wildlife than ever before in an adventure of a lifetime and a one-of-a-kind premium experience!

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Capybara Encounter

Happy Cappy!
Capybaras are loveable, playful true to form Rodents of an unusual size!

Feed and Interact with the Jungle Island Capybaras

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Wallaby Encounter

G ’day mate!
Take a trip down under to meet these magnificent marsupials!

An up close and educational animal encounter the Jungle Island Wallabys.

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