Petting Zoo Encounter

Get ready for the Petting Zoo Encounter, an experience designed for kids (and those young at heart) who crave a furry-filled fiesta!

All Ages Welcome!

Imagine a world where you can share a laugh with the most playful goats and pigs in town! Did you know our pigs are named after Barbie & Ken?!

But hold on, it's not just about fun and games—it's a journey of discovery!

You will learn about the fascinating lives of these adorable creatures and join the mission to protect and conserve their habitats. It's education wrapped in a bundle of joy!

Whether you're a curious kiddo with eyes wide open or an adult with a heart full of youthful spirit, this is tailor-made for you.

So pack your excitement, bring your giggles, and let's create some unforgettable moments together!

Participants under Age 16 need to be accompanied by an adult encounter participant.
Minors that are not with a legal guardian will not be admitted without a signed and notarized Child Care Form located at:

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