BattleGround - Foam Dart Battles

Gear Up For Battle

With a wide array of specialized foam dart weaponry, this epic experience makes for an amazing experience. The arsenal we have is matched by no one. The Battleground awaits!

BattleGround - Foam Dart Battles

Fun for all ages!

Experienced with foam weaponry or not. Big or small this action packed adventure is for anyone brave enough. The bigger they are the harder they fall. In this arena all soldiers are equal.

General admission tickets grant you access to the entire island for you to enjoy. Explore the island and discover a vibrant array of wildlife from around the world. Enjoy epic shows like Winged Wonders and Wild Adventures and more!

Child Admission
Children from 3-10 years young
For only
Adult Admission
Children & Adults of ages 10 and up
For only