An intimate & breathtaking moment

Play with lovable, rambunctious lemurs during this hands-on experience! Aside from a trip to Madagascar, the lemur nursery at Jungle Island is one of very few places on earth where guests can personally interact with these extremely rare and endangered mammals. Learn fun-facts and feed them the vegetarian diet they love.

Child Lemur Experience
Children from 6-10 years young
For only
Adult Lemur Experience
Children & Adults of ages 10 and up
For only

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to make a reservation for the Lemurs Up Close Encounter?

Reservations can be made in person or through the website. Reservations are recommended. Participants can book on a walk-in, same day basis if there is availability.

How long is the Lemurs Up Close Encounter?

The Lemurs encounter lasts 10 minutes.

Is there an age requirement for the Lemurs Up Close Encounter?

Yes. Children must be 6 years old or older to participate. Guests 15 and under, must be accompanied by a paid adult.

What should I wear for a Lemur Up Close Encounter?

We suggest being as comfortable as possible.

When should I arrive for my Lemurs Up Close Encounter? Where do I meet my trainer?

We ask that you arrive to the Guest Relations Office 10 minutes before your scheduled encounter. Your trainer will pick you up from the Guest Relations Office and take you to the encounter.

Will there be a photographer in the Lemurs Up Close Encounter?

Yes! We will have a photographer in every Lemurs Up Close Encounter. Those pictures are available for purchase after the encounter.

Can I take my own pictures during the encounter?

Absolutely! Lemur selfies are some of the best selfies!