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Take off on a worldwide exploration at Jungle Island. Hop on over to Australia, and see the Red Kangaroo exhibit; welcome our loveable Lemurs direct from Madagascar; marvel at our smartly dressed South African Penguins. No journey is complete without a visit to our Everglades Habitat, a true replica of the Florida Everglades. Jungle Island, where learning comes to life!
Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to space availability.
Tax Exemption certificate (if applicable) must be submitted prior to field trip.
For more information, please call the Education Department at 305-400-7242 or 305-400-7221, or e-mail us education@jungleisland.com.
•Home school groups Monday - Friday Field Trip Reservation Packet (click here)
•Home school groups Weekend Field Trip Reservation Packet (click here)
Please fax the completed field trip reservation forms to 305-400-7290 or 305-400-7291.


10am to 5pm

*Hours subject to change*

Jungle Island is open 365 days a year. Special shows and events at this popular Miami attraction may extend Jungle Island’s hours. Upon arrival, ask the Ticket Booth or Guest Relations for any special event or show information. Jungle Island hours are subject to change without notice. Severe inclement weather may affect Jungle Island’s hours.