Jungle Outreach

Jungle Outreach


Jungle Island's Outreach program is an interactive and educational presentation that allows an up-close and personal experience with our exotic animals. This unique hands-on learning experience will truly be an unforgettable memory! For more information, please call the Education Department at 305-400-7242 or 305-400-7221 or e-mail us.

The Jungle Island Outreach program & pricing is specifically designed for schools.  It is not offered for private functions and/or events (birthdays, weddings, etc.) 

We offer 9 different Educational presentations that include different themes and animals:

  • Rainforest Adventure-Includes reptiles, parrots, mammals, and other animals from the Rainforest
  • Birds of “Parrot”dise-Includes a collection of parrots from all over the world and interesting bio-facts
  • Remarkable Reptiles-Includes a collection of reptiles from around the world and interesting bio-facts
  • Everglades Encounter-Includes reptiles, mammals, and other animals from the Everglades
  • Mysteries of the Desert-Learn about the strange, bizarre, and unexpected creatures which call the desert home
  • Animal Survivors-Learn about the defense mechanisms and survival techniques used by reptiles, birds, mammals and other animals to stay ALIVE!                                    
  • Leaping Lizards-Learn about the adaptations of different lizards from around the world
  • Rascally Rodents-Includes a variety of unusual, furry friends from around the world and interesting bio-facts
  • Create Your Own Program -We can develop a program just for you!

Program Includes: 

  • 20-25 minute Educational presentation
  • 20-25 minute animal encounter, where students enjoy a hands-on experience with the animals
  • Reinforcement activity

Program Prices: 

  • Miami Dade County: $235.00
  • South Broward County: $280.00 (South of Broward Blvd.)
  • North Broward County: $315.00 (North of Broward Blvd.)

Program price is for up to 50 students, $5.00 for each additional student. For larger groups, please contact us for pricing and more details. All prices are subject to Sales Tax. Tax exemption certificate (if applicable) must be submitted prior to payment. Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability




Monday- Sunday

10am to 5pm


*Hours subject to change*

Jungle Island is open 365 days a year. Special shows and events at this popular Miami attraction may extend Jungle Island’s hours. Upon arrival, ask the Ticket Booth or Guest Relations for any special event or show information. Jungle Island hours are subject to change without notice. Severe inclement weather may affect Jungle Island’s hours.