Donation Requests

Donation Requests

Donation Requests Policies and Procedures

Please note: No email, phone or fax requests will be accepted.

Jungle Island takes great pride in our longtime commitment to the South Florida community. As an iconic Miami landmark, the park supports of a variety of local programs and non-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of educational and environmental initiatives as well as programs that make a positive impact in the lives of children. Jungle Island provides assistance to select charitable organizations that meet these criteria through donations and in-park events. 

Due to the large number of donation requests we receive every year, we must limit our giving to organizations that service South Florida communities. 

All donation and contribution requests must be processed by our Donation Committee. 

In order to have your organization’s request considered by the Donation Committee, the following guidelines must be followed when submitting a request:

  • The request must be sent via postal mail.  No email or fax requests will be accepted.
  • The letter of request must be on the organization’s letterhead and include:
    • Name, phone and address of the contact person
    • Reason for request and date of event
  • If the organization has a charitable/non-profit status, this needs to be noted in the letter
  • Each organization can only request a donation once per calendar year.
  • Organizations receiving a donation from Jungle Island must provide a letter acknowledging the donation.  This letter is required for the organization to be considered for future donations. 
  • The process takes 6-8 weeks, so please send the request at least 60 days prior to your event. 
  • Please do not make follow-up calls. Requests that are submitted following these guidelines will be responded to in writing. 

Please mail your request to: 
Marketing Department
Attn: Donations Committee
Jungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Miami, Florida 33132



Monday- Sunday

10am to 5pm


*Hours subject to change*

Jungle Island is open 365 days a year. Special shows and events at this popular Miami attraction may extend Jungle Island’s hours. Upon arrival, ask the Ticket Booth or Guest Relations for any special event or show information. Jungle Island hours are subject to change without notice. Severe inclement weather may affect Jungle Island’s hours.