Park Facts

Park Facts


• The Winged Wonders show in the Coca-Cola Parrot Bowl, a covered amphitheater that seats 1,200, enchants visitors with singing and talking birds including the free-flying condor, with its 11-foot wingspan and “Mama Cass,” the world’s only trained Cassowary.

• Wild Adventures in the Serpentarium® takes an audience full of research assistants on a wild safari adventure through the animal kingdom. Guests will meet the wild wonders Dr. Wasabi has found from his world travels – from a baby warthog to an alligator snapping turtle; baby Hamadryas baboons to African penguins.

• Wild Encounter Show, in the Jungle Theater, is our conservation-oriented, exotic animal show that features white tigers, baby primates, gibbons and more.

• Parrot Cove, Located at the farthest tip of Jungle Island, Parrot Cove is Miami’s only private beach. This sophisticated tropical beach playground offers breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami and is exclusively for the use of park guests.  

• Manú Encounter, an expansive walk-through aviary and replica of its namesake in Peru, is one of our genuine treasures. This unique exhibit is modeled after the clay cliffs that provide shelter to the wild populations of macaws and other animals in Manú, Peru.  Our residents include dozens of colorful macaws and a troop of squirrel monkeys, all roaming freely. As one of the first exhibits of its kind, the Manú Encounter allows guests to see these animals’ natural instincts up close.

• The park is also home to dozens of macaws, cockatoos, parrots and parakeets.  

• The Everglades Habitat recreates the boardwalk trails of the Florida Everglades and features the native flora and fauna prevalent in this unique environment. The area provides an educational platform on water conservation and ecological programs, as it serves as the natural bio-filtration system for the park.  

• The Children’s Area features a large playground and Petting Farm, where families are welcome to feed their farmyard pals.


The Lion’s Den – The park’s largest and most exciting exhibit yet! Home to one of nature’s most rare creatures, a White Lion. Joining this majestic animal are two Snow White tigers and two Royal White Bengal tigers.

Jake & Hanna’s Penthouse: The premiere address on Jungle Island is to the home of two of our orangutans, Jake and Hanna. These ten- and twelve-year-old orangutans are the reigning primates of the park. Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals in the world and are endangered in their natural Indonesian habitat.

• Peanut & Pumpkin’s Playpen: Our twin orangutans have some nice digs to frolic in. On December 2, 2003, Jungle Island saw the first recorded birth of orangutan twins in twenty years and only the third pair known to survive in history. Their loving gestures toward their caretakers remind enchanted park guests of how much communication is possible without language.

• Hamadryas Baboons: These Egyptian beauties, Cleo, Pharaoh, Isis and Akana, boast mischievous personalities that are on display for all guests to enjoy.

• Red Kangaroos: Take a trip Down Under and meet some of our playful Australian wildlife. These youngsters will grow to be the largest of the kangaroos, with the males reaching over six-feet tall and weighing up to 200 pounds! 

• South African Penguins: Our coolest residents are definitely our penguins.  Hailing from South Africa, they find Miami’s climate isn’t outside of their nature.  After all, of the 17 types of penguins in the world, only five are cold-weather birds. Visitors can enjoy their twice-daily feedings and trainer presentations.



10am to 5pm

*Hours subject to change*

Jungle Island is open 365 days a year. Special shows and events at this popular Miami attraction may extend Jungle Island’s hours. Upon arrival, ask the Ticket Booth or Guest Relations for any special event or show information. Jungle Island hours are subject to change without notice. Severe inclement weather may affect Jungle Island’s hours.